Finding The Right Bushcraft Hatchet For Your Camp 

If you’re here chances are you are stumped trying to find the right buschraft hatchet for your outdoor adventures. In this post I will go into detail about the things you need to know before you start looking for a proper hatchet and will even give you my personal recommendation based upon my own experience. Let’s get started by reviewing what I find to be the best bushcraft hatchet I have ever used.

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet


This wildlife hatchet is manufactured by one of the top brands in this business, Gransfors Bruks. They have years and years of experience when it comes to making the perfect hatchets that are fit for their purpose. 

This particular hatchet is a traditional scouting and camping axe, which has a similar head as a hand hatchet but comes with a longer handle.

Furthermore, it is guaranteed to fit into all kinds of rucksacks and is not even that heavy. It also comes with a specialized sheath which ensures that the hatchet does not mistakenly run through your rucksack before getting to the camping site itself. 


  • 13.50 inches in length 

  • 1.3 lbs of weight 

  • Traditional scouting and camping axe 

  • Sheath with a vegetable-tanned leather 

  • It comes with an instruction manual 

  • Made in Sweden 

  • High-quality product
  • Affordable price range
  • Good for all camping tasks
  • Great reviews and experiences
  • It can fit easily into a backpack
  • On the smaller size

In all, it is an extremely good hatchet for the tasks you are looking to get done since it is specifically designed to fit all of your bushcraft camp requirements and needs. Furthermore, it is also incredibly lightweight and ergonomic in nature, customized for the best experience. 

Bushcraft and camping can be enjoyable and rewarding, especially when you know your way around all of the tools and equipment. If you have been planning on venturing out, finding the suitable bushcraft hatchet is essential.

Bushcraft hatchets are handy tools when you are looking to spend some time in the wilderness. However, the challenge arrives when it comes to finding the right one for you. Many factors can influence this decision for you, and it is imperative to look at all of them before finally deciding. Read along to find out how to choose and what you should look for. 

What Is A Bushcraft Hatchet?

While a lot of people confuse an axe and a hatchet as being the same, in reality, they are pretty different. The hatchet is essentially a small tool used to cut through things, usually wood. It has a sharp and tall blade, as well as a handle regularly constructed from wood.

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The backside of the hatchet has a hammerhead, and it is used for quite a few purposes like hammering spikes into the ground for example, while the hatchet head is often used to split wood and create things out of wood such as spoons, spikes, etc.

A proper hatchet will help you with day to day tasks in your bush camp and although it is a convenient tool, it can be pretty challenging to find the right one sometimes. This post should help guide you as you search for the right bushcraft hatchet for your camp. Many elements influence this, such as the size, quality, brand, usage, etc. 

Things To Look For In A Hatchet


This could be a significant factor when choosing to buy a new bushcraft hatchet. Splitting wood in the bush is important, you need to be able to process fire wood to keep you warm and ensure you have the ability to cook your food. This hatchet has no issue splitting through dry logs, when wet it can take a little more effort.

Large Splitting Axe

If you are looking for a large splitting axe, the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet is likely not for you. Instead, something like the Hults Bruk Bjork Splitting Axe made of the same quality that would be better suited for taking on larger splitting jobs while still being compact enough to fit into your backpack.

Small Splitting Axe

However, if you just need a hatchet to carve intricate details into wood, create things around camp and do some basic log splitting, the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet is definitely right for you. It would not be a surprise that hatchets with longer handles as well as heavier heads are essentially a lot better at splitting but this compact hatchet does the job just as well.

Head And Handle

This is one of the most distinguishable elements between a mediocre and a good hatchet. Like most other decisions, too, this one can be solved by looking at the requirements of your task closely and buying what you think is right. 

For instance, a hatchet that needs to be used for wood carving and shaping has a lot tinier handle, which is also easier to hold. On the other hand, hatchets required for groundwork and felling trees have a longer handle.

Keep in mind, though, that both kinds of hatchets can perform multiple tasks and are not restricted in terms of their uses. However, the efficiency with which they are able to do the same task matters a lot.

Like the length of the handle, the head’s weight can tell you a lot about the hatchet. For example, hatchets that have a heavier head can give you room for a more significant swinging force, further making them the best for splitting wood. 

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On the other hand, projects that require precision and for the hatchet to be held closer to the individual need a remarkably lighter head. Therefore, in this department, the hatchet with the heavier head and more extended handle win for your bush experience. 

Sometimes though, you might wish to go for a less demanding and more easygoing camp. If this is the case, then these aspects should not hinder your growth or tasks much. Keep in mind that the weight of the hatchet also determines how many other things you could carry in your backpack. 


This is a common factor to look at, no matter what product you are buying. It is not an unknown fact that outdoor gear can be considerably expensive to buy. The best part, though, is that most of these hatchets will be similarly priced, making it easier for you to choose. 

After the hatchet satisfies all of the details and specifications that you were looking for, the next thing that you should look at is the customer service and the warranty that it comes with. It would make no sense to buy an expensive hatchet if it does not last long, and you would soon have to buy a new one. 

Therefore, it is alright to pay a slightly more money at one point if the hatchet that you are opting for comes with a good warranty and is of high quality. 

Bushcraft Hatchet Skills

You could buy the best hatchet in the world, but if you do not know how to use it for your purpose, then it is essentially of no good use. Therefore, before deciding upon buying high quality and recommended hatchet, introspect upon your own skills and strength. 

If you wish to take things slow, start with a beginner-level hatchet and practice initially on some pieces of wood. It would make no sense to go camping without knowing how to cut wood. You would go cold fast!

Thus, ensure that you have mastered the art of the hatchet. Only then would it make sense to take it into the woods. What’s more is that, once you have become well trained in one area, you can even look into other areas such as detailed woodwork and carving. 

Quality And Durability

The reason why new buyers harp so much on the quality aspect is that you must consider the time period until which the hatchet will serve you. For this reason, it is essential to look at what sort of company you are buying from and be sure they make a quality hatchet.

Another important factor is durability. Everything from the head, handle, blade, steel, etc., should work when you want it to. As far as possible, try to choose a hatchet that is best in all of these aspects to ensure it can survive the rough and harsh conditions of camp. 

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There are also different styles of hatchets that users are attracted to. All hatchets will have advantages and disadvantages, the best thing is to do some thorough research so that the choice you make is worthwhile. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hatchets

Before buying a product, it is always best to clear the few or many doubts that you have in mind. This can help you make the right decision and also ensure that you are choosing the tool that is best for your camp. 

What If I Go Camping Without A Hatchet?

While no rulebook in the world suggests you must undoubtedly buy a hatchet before going camping, it most definitely helps with all of the tasks around the forest. It also depends on what sort of camping you are doing, if you are out practicing bushcraft then yes you should absolutely have a hatchet with you at all times.

If you are recreational camping, they should have bags of wood available to purchase. Sometimes still, it is best to bring a hatchet to create kindling out of those logs to get your fire going easily.

This is where the hatchet comes in and helps you do the job. Furthermore, a lot of bushcraft projects will also help you pick up some essential skills which will help you sooner or later on your next camping experience. 

Are Hatchets And Axes the Same?

While this may sound confusing, keep in mind that all hatchets can be axes; however, all axes can never be hatchets. While this may seem difficult to digest at first, the differences between them are quite a few. 

Firstly, hatchets are quite small and lightweight when compared to axes. While hatchets can be used with one hand, using the axe sometimes might require you to apply equal strength with both your hands. This is so that you can grip the axe better and become more precise.

Due to these reasons, do not mistake a hatchet and an axe. However, do make sure that the purpose you are using it for is one that fits the kind of tool well.

Wrapping Up

Safe to say, you are now an expert when it comes to the technicalities of a hatchet. Remember all of the factors that you should check off your list before you essentially go forward and buy one.

Furthermore, ensure that you are researching well about the company, brand, and warranty period so that you are good to go.

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